Q:     What are the opening hours of the Graduate School?

A:     Monday-Friday  between 8.30 -19.00 hrs.

          Saturday-Sunday between 8.30-16.00 hrs.

Q:     When to apply?

A:     1. Applications for the 1st semester opens between May and July each year. 

          2. Applications for the 2nd semester opens between October and November each year.

Q:     What are the forms needed for a graduation process?

A:     GS 12, 13, 19, 21, 29, 30, and 31 and the Request for Graduation Form

Q:     What are the forms for asking permission to collect research data?

A:     GS 09 or GS 10

Q:     After submitting a request form, when to get it back from the Graduate School?

A:     Within 3 days

Q:     When to submit required documents for a thesis proposal/thesis examination request?

A:     Ten days before the examination date

Q:     When are thesis/independent study formatting workshops held?

A:     They will be held twice a month. Please find more details on the Graduate School website, Facebook and Line.

Q:     What are requirements for publishing a thesis/independent study in order to be graduate?

A:     1. For students in Master’s Degree Program: Plan A, they are required to publish their theses or part(s) of their theses in a journal indexed in TCT2 or above.

       2. For students in the Master’s Degree Program: Plan B, they are required to present their independent studies or part(s) of their independent studies in an academic conference and their works need to be published in that conference proceedings.

Q:     What is a form for extension of study request?

A:     GS. 23

Q:     How long does the process for a thesis format check take?

A:     Five working days

Q:     How can I know if a thesis format has already been checked?

A:     Please check at https://grad.ssru.ac.th/page/thesischeckliststatus or call 02160117-75 ext.21