Pillar/Culture/Vision/Mission/Key result area


  • 1. Knowledge capital
  • 2. Morality
  • 3. Partnership
  • 4. Professionalism
  • 5. Culture


The Graduate School emphasizes on the significance of virtues practicing and behaving according to Thai culture by greeting and showing respect to elders.


The Graduate School is committed to overseeing and maintaining the quality and international standards in graduate education as well as enhancing and equipping students with capabilities in order to make them ready for being a member of the ASEAN and Global communities.


The Graduate School is committed to developing students’ capabilities corresponding to the needs and context of local communities. It also emphasizes the development of professional standards for teachers, the support of research and academic service activities, and the conservation of arts and culture.

Main Responsibilities

  • 1. Facilitate teaching and learning activities in the postgraduate education and develop students’ capabilities both in terms of academic and professional. These practices will lead to a quality society full of knowledge, and skills corresponding to the needs the ASEAN and global communities. 
  • 2. Conduct research projects by focusing on the creation of innovations and knowledge for the development of local communities as well as publish the research works on the international and national platforms.
  • 3. Provide academic service activities for local communities and the society so that locals and Thai people will acquire capabilities that are correspond to the needs and context of global and ASEAN communities. 
  • 4. Arrange activities that can add value to the society and preserve arts and culture so that valuable local identities can be maintained.